10 BEST Smart Light Strips on Amazon Compared

April 4, 2023 by 20 Comments

Looking for the best smart light strips? I tested 10 of the best-selling smart LED strips on Amazon to find out for myself. I used the …

20 Replies to “10 BEST Smart Light Strips on Amazon Compared”

  1. Thanks for watching! I worked really hard getting all of the numbers for each light strip’s brightness using different colors. Check it out here: https://smarthomesolver.com/reviews/ultimate-smart-light-strip-comparison

  2. How is the zigbee the best budget when you pay the same as the kasa ones both of them are 6ft for 40$

  3. Philips Hue it is!

  4. Z Ramirez says:

    Wow dude this video saved me so much time watching 10 different videos that don’t provide any real worth. Thanks!!

  5. Daz Steele says:

    so clear. ace n liked

  6. Rgbs under the bed aint tacky you jealous twats its look brilliant and is great for when you fuck with music on get those romantic mood lights on

  7. Ceddy .0 says:

    Broo what does it take to buy leds without having to connect with Wi-Fi Bluetooth and location I just want some light with a controller that’s not cheap 🙄 wtf

  8. Very helpful thanks!

  9. These destroy your paint when peeled off.

  10. that transition at the start tho.

  11. Do the tp link lights have music pulse?

  12. i need help – what would be the best strips to use if i want to connect it along with my Corsair system ( yes i want to have my entire house light up with Corsairs – I have a hub i just need to get the lights strips and the hue ones are super expini in South Africa

  13. If anyone sees this, I would DEFINITELY not consider lights from a place called “lightinthebox” they have some great products, but my led lights from there, that I spent 50 dollars on, are TERRIBLE, they are dim, expensive, and can only do 3 colours properly, red, green and blue work okay, but everything else is terrible.

  14. I love got7 says:

    people who say putting light strips under the bed have divian beds

  15. SkippyOG says:

    I wish they made it so you don’t have to plug it in like wireless because I wanna put it around my wall but I don’t want a wire just hanging all the way down and all my plugs are in use.

  16. funke says:

    Quick Question could you please review the Tenmiro LED lights? I am trying to buy some for my bedroom that are cheap and I don’t
    know if their good or not and all the other videos of others I have watched showed that they are good but I wanna get clarification from you.

  17. Davé1-iz says:

    This would cure alot of people’s anxiety at night especially if it’s for security purposes, and it would be a great law, not an just an idea.literally, a law. Mandatory for every home at night

  18. sean says:

    very good informational video thank you

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