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Over the last few years, we’ve welcomed a number of innovative and exciting beauty tech devices – once only available via our favourite facialists or dermatologists – into our own homes. One such example is the LED face mask, a product beloved by celebrities and editors alike, which has a number of positive benefits for the skin. But which are the best LED face masks out there? British Vogue investigates.

What is LED light therapy and how does it work?

Suitable for all skin tones and skin types, light therapy is the process by which the skin is exposed to wavelengths of light. Penetrating deep beneath the skin’s surface, the benefits are myriad and differ depending on the shade of light, whether it’s red, blue or yellow.

Through LED face masks you can now experience or administer light therapy from the comfort of your own home. “Instead of using one laser that focuses on your skin, light therapy uses several wavelengths of light at once,” says Jasmina Vico, holistic skin specialist and founder of Vico Skin, “They work well to treat ageing, acne and other common skin issues.”

Are LED masks good for your skin?

Depending on the light emitted by the mask, they can offer a multitude of benefits. For example, while red light increases collagen and elastin production, blue light targets acne-causing bacteria, green light helps with pigmentation, and yellow is brilliant for healing. When combined with a good daily skincare routine, they can help boost glow and leave the skin clearer and healthier.

Can you overdo LED light therapy?

LED face masks are pretty simple to use and only need about 10 minutes of dedicated time a day. Since they don’t emit UV light and are non-invasive, they are also very safe to use, so overdoing it isn’t easy. For best results always follow the instructions, and if you do notice irregular signs of damage, stop the use of the mask immediately and consult your doctor or dermatologist.

Which is the best LED face mask?

Choosing the best comes down to your needs, price bracket and preference. If you’re looking to test the water then the No7 Laboratories Age-Defying LED Mask is a great place to start. Ready to commit? Angela Caglia’s Cellreturn Device works wonders, with nearly 700 multi-coloured light stimulations.

What should you put on your face before LED light therapy?

Vico recommends applying vitamin C and hyaluronic acid before using an LED face mask to help give your skin that extra boost. Of course, sun protection is a must when using light therapy in the mornings, so make sure it’s at least an SPF 50.

With plenty of new and exciting skincare tools on the market, it can be difficult to know which devices are worth investing in. Below, Vogue rounds up the best LED face masks to supercharge your skincare routine now.

Source: https://www.vogue.in/beauty/gallery/11-best-led-face-masks-to-supercharge-your-skincare-routine


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