20 Replies to “[4K] 10 HOURS of LED/RGB COLOR LIGHTS | No Music or Ads | Mood Light (SLOW & SMOOTH)”

  1. Setsuna says:

    Why 10H how can i download this

  2. Sky Tucker says:

    This was good “mood” music paired with my “smexy” Spotify playlist. We timed it out because we fell asleep after haha. Get Ncki to rap about being “Nyquil” haha.

  3. Lucas Git says:

    this is so shit its not even ten hours

  4. How am I supposed to even use this

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  6. TheLukeMan says:

    I turn the speed up 2x and my friend cannot see fast flashing lights even though, it’s not that fast they still had a stroke😅

  7. If u have a tv and computer use this and boom led

  8. Rosa Alanny says:

    I use this for my cousins baby for babysitting he likes the lights

  9. Man on average I play this video for 8-9 hours

  10. Why is my eclipse brother breakdancing on the floor

  11. bakufan2023 says:

    my gaming set up is a rbg keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, speakers, headphones, and tower now i have a rbg moniter to fit the look

  12. Mmt777$ says:

    Free led lights amen

  13. Mmt777$ says:

    Healing cash free car ….Love with who i want chaka my family take care of me fix my pancreas damaged by evil worldy devila deliver me chaka dumo the world be with me sexually amen wants me crush her own devils she picks me amen

  14. 😅😅😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😅

  15. Vishal Dayma says:

    daru me chakaonye

  16. I use this to light up my room I’m scared of the dark when my lights are off so I leave my phone on the floor on charge next to my bed and it lights up my whole room😂😂😂 thank you dude ❤

  17. roAch says:

    Made a fort and now using this as leds

  18. Radio says:

    I use this to light up my room, so thanks bro!

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