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Why LED Lights?

Looking to level up your room? Liven it up — or perhaps create some chill mood lighting? Maybe you’d love a blue glow washing over your walls as you’re doing some nighttime yoga, or a bright and happy yellow to wake you up in the morning. Perhaps you’ve just been inspired by the influx of lighting options that have popped up on social media. Regardless of however you’ve become interested in the topic, it’s clear that lighting can play an important role in creating applicable ambiance in your space!

LED light strips can also function simply as extra lighting, perhaps if an area of your kitchen is a little dark and you want to make sure you’re being careful while chopping up vegetables. They’re more discreet and take up much less space than lamps, and they usually use much less energy and power. They’re easy to set up as well — and sometimes they can be turned on and off with an app or even voice controls! Plus, if you constantly find yourself on Zoom meetings for work, it can liven up your office area.

Our Top Pick

The Overall Best LED Strip Lights: Govee LED Strip Lights With Bluetooth and App Control

Types of LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights may be one category of home lighting, but there are so many different types on the market! There are smart ones that can be controlled with your phone, able to change colors, dim, or use a timer, as well as others with their own remote controls. You could also opt for simple white lights, or go for your favorite color — or one that displays multiple colors at once! There’s also the option to plug some into the wall, but make sure to check your space first. If there isn’t a handy outlet nearby, consider going battery-powered!

The Best LED Strip Lights

Best Smart LED Lights: Philips Hue Bluetooth Smart Lightstrip


Want your lights to work with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit or Google Home? Look no further — this strip is compatible with all three! It’s available in multiple sizes, and you can even get an extension bundle if you’re looking to cover a big space. Plug it into the wall for electricity. Available in both a single color option and a gradient option!

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Get the Philips Hue Bluetooth Smart Lightstrip now starting at just $35 at Amazon! Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication, March 10, 2022, but are subject to change.

Best LED Lights for Under Cabinets: JUSJUBR Under Cabinet Light


This plug-in 12-inch strip is about to brighten up your kitchen counters or bathroom vanity! It’s so affordable, and it’s even dimmable so you can always adjust it depending on how much natural light is coming in through the window. We love this one because it attaches with double-sided tape. There’s no drilling involved, which is especially perfect for if you’re renting your apartment or home and don’t want to leave marks on the walls!

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Get the JUSJUBR Under Cabinet Light for just $17 at Amazon! Please note, …….

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