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LED lights are becoming a popular automotive lighting option. They have a longer lifespan than the halogen types, and are energy-efficient, meaning they draw less energy from your truck’s electrical system. LED lighting improves your vehicle’s aesthetics and visibility and is easy to install. Considering the many LED lights in the market, picking the right one might not be challenging. Below are five tips for choosing the right LED lighting for your truck.

1. Consider light output

LED lights’ power isn’t based on wattage, as watts measure the current amount the light draws, almost equal to the fuel gallons a vehicle engine consumes. While this may apply to measuring standard incandescent lighting output, LEDs are so energy-efficient that they can produce intense light with low current draw.

Lumens are used to determine LED light output by measuring the amount of light a human eye can see. It gives a more accurate light output picture than wattage. Focus on LED lumens when shopping for truck lights, and remember that the more the lumens, the greater the light output. Check out the XK Glow website or any other reliable LED lights vendor site to learn how you can fix your LED light issues.

2. Look at the LED chip

There are various types of LED chips, including surface-mounted diode (SMD), chip-on-board (COB), and multiple chips on board (MCOB). LED chips play a crucial role in determining your light’s quality. They’re manufactured with different voltages, brightness, and wavelengths. A high-quality chip is generally large, producing more light and improved stability against current variations. They’re usually costly. Cheaper LED chips are smaller with less light and are less stable, resulting in higher, faster failure rates.

3. Consider mounting types and location

LED lights differ based on mounting types. They’re mostly mounted on the surface with a plastic bracket, metal, or flange. Others use plastic or rubber grommets as they’re easy to remove and install during maintenance. Using a heavy-duty stud mount, you can also fix big rigs’ pedestal lights on your car bumper. When buying LEDs, ensure that they’re compatible with your truck’s mounting options.

4. Look at the PC rating

If you’re buying marker clearance or side marker LED lights, consider the ones with PC ratings. Traditional clearance or side marker lights produce lighting visible at a 90-degree angle, effectively illuminating a truck’s specific area. As a result, trucks must install both lights to fulfill the visibility requirements.

However, PC-rated lighting provides a 180-degree viewing angle- ensuring a 90-degree view on the right and left sides of the light’s positioning. When mounted on your truck’s back or front corners, a PC-rated light meets the side marker and clearance lights requirement. This eliminates the need for an extra lamp.

5. Consider quality

LED lights come in various materials, including plastic, aluminum, and stainless steel, all with different quality properties. Pick an LED light with a polycarbonate lens because it doesn’t break when hit by flying debris and a sealed structure to safeguard the light from water damage. Choose lighting with a high IP rating to protect your LED light from dust, rain, impact, and washes. The greater the IP rating, the more secure your light is.


Selecting the appropriate lighting for your vehicle might be daunting. However, using these tips can help you choose the right LED lighting for your truck.


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