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Kiva Brent can solve any design dilemma in 60 seconds or less. Just check out her “Design Dilemmas” Reels series on Instagram, where she encourages followers to submit images of their space so she can provide design solutions. Brent’s natural ability to make design easy and accessible is how she was able to successfully pivot from being a biochemistry major in college to dishing out design advice to more than 250,000 subscribers on YouTube and 100,000 followers on Instagram.

As someone who has always been a firm believer in making a space feel like home, Brent was inspired to share her insights with the masses after finding herself quarantined at home. “I was studying in the midst of a pandemic, and I took a moment to rethink what I was doing,” she says. “So, I started making videos and posting on YouTube, and here we are.”

For Brent, “here” is creating content from her home in Pittsburgh. The Baltimore native says that whether she’s helping folks with mobility problems be able to navigate their space better or helping individuals distinguish between DIY versus professional projects, her goal is to give everyday people access to design.

Even though Brent uses social media to promote and grow her design influence, she acknowledges that Instagram is a highlight reel that can give people false impressions about design. “Something that looks ‘minimal’ may really cost four million dollars to put all together,” she explains. “Or maybe folks have a room or two that’s super done and staged, and the rest of the home isn’t so put together. Your [own] home doesn’t have to look curated and aesthetic all the time.”

Still, one Instagram-favored design aesthetic that can’t be ignored is a room with an abundance of natural light. Whether it’s energizing morning rays or dreamy sunsets, good natural light is a feature that everyone craves in their home. For those with darker interiors, Brent offers some easy DIY tips for making the most of (or even creating) natural light in your home.

For those who are afraid to approach design, Kiva Brent offers this word of advice: “Start small with something like the art, accent pillows, or small decorative pieces. Those are places where it’s okay to buy on trend and, if the trend goes away or it no longer works for what you need now, you didn’t pour tons of money into a piece you’re kind of stuck with because you can’t afford to swap it out. When it comes to larger items like couches or chairs, go with something more timeless, so you can invest wisely. Save trends for things that are easy to flip.”

Photo courtesy of Kiva Brent

1. Incorporate mirrors into rooms and hallways to make rooms appear larger.

Mirrors reflect light, which, in turn, can make a room feel bigger. “Reflecting light can help a space appear larger, and mirrors can maximize the little light you may have in a room,” she says. Brent suggests a combination of floor mirrors, wall mirrors, and even mirrored tabletops or furnishings to allow light to be able to bounce around.

2. Use light-colored artwork on the walls.


Source: https://www.architecturaldigest.com/story/natural-light-kiva-brent-design-dilemma


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