7 Reasons to use LED Lights for Residential Purposes – Foreign Policy 2018

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7 Reasons to use LED Lights for Residential Purposes – Foreign Policy

LED lighting solutions is one of the front runners of the lighting industry right now. With so many LED products on the market like never before, these lighting solutions are a rapidly evolving technology with popularity on the rise. This sudden preference over traditional options is not without good reason as LED products stand out among other traditional lighting solutions such as incandescent products and CFL (compact fluorescent lighting) options.

This article is going to highlight seven major reasons why you should make that switch from incandescent light and CFLs to LEDs for your homes and residential buildings.

Why Make The Switch to LED?

1. Efficiency


LEDs are well-known for their high efficiency compared to other traditional lighting solutions. LEDs possess substantial energy in their small solid light bulbs and use up to 80% less power than their incandescent counterparts. Incandescent bulbs convert more energy into heat than light which makes them less efficient and got to the touch. However, LED light bulbs convert the majority of the energy into light, about 80%, making it way more efficient. They use cheaper energy and …….

Source: https://foreignpolicyi.org/7-reasons-to-use-led-lights-for-residential-purposes/


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