A TikToker transformed a 160-square-foot van into a tiny home with LED lights and a hidden bathroom. Take a look inside. – Yahoo News

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Ryan Twomey lives in a 160-square-foot van he converted himself.Ryan Twomey

  • TikToker Ryan Twomey lives in a 160-square-foot van he converted into a tiny home.

  • Twomey was intrigued by the minimalist lifestyle and worked to make his van feel modern and simple.

  • Take a look inside the van with a floating LED ceiling, a hidden bathroom, and so much storage.

With a fascination for minimalism and tiny living, TikToker Ryan Twomey bought a $30,000 van in February 2021 and transformed it into a home, he said in a recent interview with Insider.

Ryan Twomey sips a drink inside his van.Ryan Twomey

With a little help from his girlfriend, Twomey said it took him six months to turn the 160-square-foot vehicle into a modern tiny home while working full-time.

Before and after Twomey converted the van.Ryan Twomey

When he’s not on the road, he parks his new home in his parents’ driveway in Maryland.

Twomey and his van.Ryan Twomey

Twomey documented the transformation on Tiktok, accumulating millions of views. The most popular video about the remodel has 11 million views.

The van before and after the conversion.Ryan Twomey/TikTok

Source: Ryan Twomey/TikTok

Twomey shared additional photos with Insider for a behind-the-scenes tour.

Twomey travels in his van.Ryan Twomey

The first thing he pointed out was a topographic map of Ryan Mountain in Joshua Tree National Park on the back of his kitchen cabinet. It’s one of his favorite hikes.

Twomey relaxed on his couch behind the kitchen cabinets.Ryan Twomey

The kitchen counter has additional tabletop space that folds down to save room when not in use.

The inside of Twomey’s van.Ryan Twomey

The kitchen is full of space-saving hacks, from the tabletop that flips up from the stove when you want to cook on it …

Twomey lifts the table up while using the stove.Ryan Twomey

… to the magnetic spice rack and hanging fruit basket underneath the cabinets. A video showcasing these hacks got 85,000 views.

Twomey’s storage hacks underneath the kitchen cabinets.Ryan Twomey

Source: Ryan Twomey/TikTok

Across from the kitchen counter, Twomey has a pantry and closet that slide out to reveal clothing and dry foods.

Twomey’s pull-out storage reveals his pantry and closet.Ryan Twomey

The bed in the back of the van is a full size and comfortably sleeps two, he said.

Twomey sits on his bed.Ryan Twomey

Under the bed, which is past the kitchen, Twomey has a fridge that holds two weeks’ worth of food, he said.

Twomey stores groceries in his fridge.…….

Source: https://news.yahoo.com/tiktoker-transformed-160-square-foot-113100702.html


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