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Consumers stocked up on cannabis products during this past holiday season, as post-holiday sales data from Headset, LeafLink, Flowhub and others show increased sales in the weeks leading up to Christmas and New Year’s Day.

From Headset

Headset data demonstrates increased sales in the U.S. and Canadian cannabis markets in the week leading up to Christmas (Dec. 18 through Dec. 24) when compared to previous weeks’ sales. The U.S. saw an increase of 17% in sales, while sales in Canada rose more than 26%. In both markets, topicals saw the biggest increase in sales during the week before Christmas, with beverages taking second place and edibles ranking third.

Headset data from California, Colorado, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon and Washington in the U.S. and from Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Saskatchewan in Canada illustrates increased sales on New Year’s Eve when compared to the previous four Fridays. In the U.S., sales jumped 6%, compared to an 8.9% increase in Canada. Michigan had the largest rise in sales on New Year’s Eve with a 13.7% increase, while Saskatchewan had the largest increase in Canada with sales up 12% compared to the previous four Fridays.

There was a slight increase in dispensary discounts on New Year’s Eve in both the U.S. and Canadian cannabis markets, Headset reported, with the average discount in the U.S. clocking in at 21.1%, up by about 13% when compared to the previous four Fridays, which saw an average discount of 18.6%. The average discount in Canada on New Year’s Eve was 4%, up by about 10% over the previous four Fridays’ average of 3.6%.

In the U.S., beverages, flower and concentrates sold the most on New Year’s Eve, according to Headset’s data, while tinctures/sublinguals, concentrates and beverages saw the largest increase in sales in Canada.

From LeafLink

Post-holiday data from LeafLink shows a 6.8% increase in sales through the platform in December when compared to the average growth rate over the prior three months.

Flower was the most popular product category in December, according to LeafLink, and made up 32% of sales through the platform. Packaged flower sold the most, making up 15% of total flower sales, while bulk flower was the second most popular subcategory, making up 14.7% of total flower sales.

Cartridges were the second most popular product category with 24% market share in December, LeafLink reported.

Both flower and cartridges performed relatively consistent with the previous month, according to LeafLink’s data, which shows that consumers did not significantly alter their purchasing habits during the holiday season.

From Flowhub

Flowhub data shows that Christmas Eve was a big sales day, marking the second most busy Friday of 2021 in terms of number of transactions. Christmas Eve sales in 2021 were down 10% from 2020 in terms of pre-tax sales, however.

In contrast, sales slowed on Christmas Day as they were 73% lower than a typical Saturday, according to Flowhub. The average order was $17 lower than the average order value, and sales on Christmas Day 2021 were 23% lower than those on Christmas Day 2020, which fell on a Friday.

Flowhub also reported that New Year’s …….

Source: https://www.cannabisbusinesstimes.com/ab-lighting-announces-ab520-led-grow-light.aspx


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