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Once the preserve of big-budget feature films, virtual studios are now providing versatile spaces for productions of all sizes to produce high-quality visuals when in-person filming is not possible or desirable.

Last summer, Scotland-based Catalyst Event Production Services sought to create a flexible solution to continue to provide its event services to customers while also adhering to local coronavirus restrictions. The result, Catalyst CONNECT, in located in a 200m² space, hosting a 50m² presentation stage with an Absen LED backdrop, in the heart of its Perth offices. The company opted for Absen’s lightweight Aries 1.5 MiniLED; with its 170° wide viewing angle, and high contrast for vibrant and engaging content, the Aries 1.5 was the perfect indoor 4K-resolution LED display for the virtual studio’s requirements.

In addition to the Aries (AX) Series, Absen’s recommended LED products for virtual production include the Polaris (PL) Series and soon-to-be-launched Pixel Reality (PR) Series for backdrops, the PR and Jupiter (JP) Series for ceilings, and the Mars (MR) Series for floors.

Born for virtual production, Pixel Reality is a brand-new design platform announced at the company’s recent online 2022 Spring Event. The PR Series – which focuses on high contrast ratios, refresh rates, colour gamut, frame rates and brightness; anti-reflective designs; improved high dynamic range (HDR) response; and screens offering a curve of up 10° – comprises both a range of innovative new products and ‘VP’ versions of its existing lines to bring them into the Absen virtual production ecosystem.

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