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April 10, 2022 by No Comments

Deal pricing and availability subject to change after time of publication.

TL;DR: As of April 10, the Costway 10ft Patio Solar Umbrella LED is on sale for $129.99.

We’re all itching to get outside and make use of our patios, decks, and porches now that the temperatures are rising. As you set up your al fresco space with all of your cozy outdoor furniture, lights, speakers, and other fun stuff, make sure you don’t forget one major essential: shade.

You could install an awning on the side of your house, build a permanent fixture, or seek out a tree nearby, but a patio umbrella is a much easier solution. This Costway 10-Foot Patio Solar LED Umbrella is on sale for $129.99 for a limited time, and not only offers a place to shield yourself from the sun during the day, but also a way to keep the party going at night.

With a 10-foot shade, this umbrella is designed to offer a significant amount of shade. It’s made with 100 percent 180G polyester fabric which can block the majority of the strong sun rays from your skin. Plus, there’s a vented canopy that allows a cool breeze to pass through, making it ideal for cooling off in more extreme heat. You can tilt it in practically any direction to block the sun at every level as well.

Inside, the umbrella is lined with two dozen solar-powered LED lights. So, you can keep the party going once the sun goes down without needing to string up lights on poles or sit around in the dark. It’s not as bright as having actual lighting installed outdoors, but it can definitely set the vibe.

The one caveat is that the umbrella base is not included in the $129.99 price. You’ll have to purchase one separately. The good news is you have options: You can either get a stand and mount it as a standalone feature on your patio or slide the pole through a table and stabilize it with a base.

Prices subject to change.

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