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Testing being conducted by LED lighting leader, SANlight in Austria

VANCOUVER, BC, Jan. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Atmofizer Technologies Inc. (the “Company” or “Atmofizer“) (CSE: ATMO) (Frankfurt: J3K) is pleased to announce that, following a pilot project, Atmofizer will begin secondary testing of its agglomeration technology with SANlight products in Austria. Atmofizer’s technology uses proprietary sound wave technology to agglomerate microscopic airborne particles making them easier to capture and neutralize with UV light. SANlight is a leader in LED lighting technology for indoor gardening (better: horticultural LED lighting).

Mold is one of the most dangerous particulates in the air for all living things and is a major factor in negatively impacting crop yield per year. “The average grower loses 30% of his crop because of poor air quality,” said Martin Anker, CEO of SANlight.

“As the world’s population grows and the environment continues to be challenged by droughts, wildfires, etc. the need for sustainable and predictable food sources will continue to grow. We are eager to be a part of the industry by helping to manage and reduce mold to increase yield and the shelf life of produce,” said Olivier Centner, CEO of Atmofizer.

“While I was CEO of Bluma Wellness, a Florida-based cannabis cultivator, we installed Atmofizer units in our greenhouses and our processing/packaging facilities, and we saw positive results. This is an exciting potential vertical for Atmofizer’s technology,” said Brady Cobb, former Bluma Wellness CEO and a member of the Company’s newly formed agricultural advisory board.

“I am excited to leverage my expertise in the space and work with Atmofizer and SANlight in this application of Atmofizer’s technology,” said Martin Anker. “Together we have the potential to develop a solution for horticulture applications which maximizes crop yield by using efficient light and air purification technologies.”

Corporate Update

The Company has formed an agricultural advisory board (“Agricultural Advisory Board“) composed of agricultural specialists to advise Atmofizer’s board of directors. The initial members of the Agricultural Advisory Board consist of Brady Cobb and Cole Cacciavillani. Mr. Cobb and Mr. Cacciavillani collectively have over 30 years of greenhouse growing expertise.

‘We are honoured to leverage Brady and Cole’s industry expertise and to work with SANlight. This is another exciting vertical application and an opportunity to distinguish Atmofizer from other air purification providers in the market.  At our core we are a technology company with applications across many verticals.” said Olivier Centner, CEO of Atmofizer.

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About Atmofizer Technologies Inc.

Atmofizer’s consumer and industrial solutions are based on its patent-protected and patent-pending technology for ultrafine particle agglomeration and neutralization. This capability creates a revolutionary and more efficient method for addressing the wide range of dangerous nano-scale particles, viruses and bacteria that are too small to be effectively managed by conventional HEPA filters and ultraviolet lights. Atmofizer plans to disrupt the air treatment industry by improving air safety and purification efficiency while lowering customers’ operational costs.

Atmofizing air refers to the process of using ultrasonic acoustic waves to agglomerate (cluster together) small particles into a larger target that …….



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