Beauty Fans Are Loving This Facial To Restore Collagen & Fade Age Spots –

April 12, 2022 by No Comments

OK, so we’re talking about professional LED light therapy treatments here, but we can’t ignore the onslaught of at-home, hi-tech gadgets that promise to deliver the same, glowing benefits. Do these carry any weight? 

“Just like any other professional versus at-home device, a professional LED therapy service has a stronger wavelength of light and has more LED coverage, meaning it is able to target your entire face, neck, and chest,” says Akram. “At-home LED devices are great for use in between services, but you can only treat certain areas at a time, depending on the device.” 

And as Akram mentioned, the wavelength is typically much stronger on a professional tool—that’s why you’ll likely wear a pair of very chic eye goggles to protect your orbs. Rzaca agrees: “[With at-home devices] the light source may not reach the appropriate wavelength, which is crucial in LED light therapy treatment to be as effective.” 

Technically, you can find a high-quality handheld tool, but it’s important to do your research. We especially love the DRx SpectraLite™ FaceWare Pro from Dr. Dennis Gross, and Akram recommends the POLY Go, which has both a red and blue light option. As you can probably tell, these tools can get pretty expensive, so you might want to opt for a professional treatment first and make sure you love the results before you splurge. 

If you do use an at-home device, make sure to follow the instructions very carefully: Generally, Zuraw advises placing the device panel within one inch of the face, but certain manufacturers may have different protocols. “All programs, distance, and time vary per skin condition and device used,” she says. 



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