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May 8, 2022 by No Comments

Price £18.99 | Buy from Amazon | Number of light modes 4

This chunky, heavy-duty triangle has super-bright torch lights that you can use as a floodlight for working on a vehicle. The red warning triangle lights are unmistakable as an emergency sign, and they’re very visible even in daylight. It will take rechargeable batteries and can be charged up via a USB input with the provided cable, or it will run on standard AA batteries. It’s just a bit too big to tuck away conveniently in most cars.  

What Car? says 4/5

3. AA 3-in-1 Emergency Beacon

Price £9.99 | Buy from Amazon | Number of light modes 1

This nifty, glovebox-sized device has a seatbelt cutter, glass hammer and torch built in, as well as doubling up as a red, strobe light warning beacon that sticks to the car with a magnetic base. It’s not as bright as others here, and it relies on AA batteries, rather than being rechargeable. However, the strobe light is hard to miss even in daytime, and as an overall feature-packed, useful emergency tool to keep in the car, this is great value and one of our favourites here.

What Car? says 4/5

2. RECOMMENDED – Kraser KR400V16 Emergency Light

Price £14 | Buy from Amazon | Number of light modes 1

The Kraser is a neat, small warning light that has a strobing, orange 360-degree light that is brighter than any of its rivals and is very eye-catching even in broad daylight. It’s attached to the car via a magnetic base, or there’s a large hook for hanging it from a door mirror or warning triangle. The torch function is also very bright and has two phases, while the package as a whole is small enough to fit in just about any glovebox. It’s not rechargeable, relying on regular batteries, but it’s still our runner-up thanks to its compact size, low price and super-bright light.



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