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At IBC 2022, CAME-TV announced its new Andromeda MKII LED Tube Lights that are available in 2ft and 3ft kits.

The tube lights are CCT adjustable from 2000-10,000K and they feature full HSI functionality.

The Andromeda MKII is powered via internal Samsung 18650 batteries that can be charged via the included wall adapter. The tubes can also be run via a camera battery using the optional D-Tap cable.

The lights have onboard controls and built-in WIFI for App control.

Multiple units and can be attached together using the included mounting bracket(s). Other features include removable barn doors and 1/4” threads on the backside of the tubes for easy mounting.

There are also female 1/4″-20 threads at both ends of the light for mounting and when using a dual threaded adapter multiple lights can be connected together so you can attach an unlimited number of tubes together.

For mounting to metal surfaces, there are built-in magnets at both ends along with included screw-in magnet(s) which have increased strength for stronger mounting.

Price & Availability

You can buy the lights separately, or in kits that come with multiple tubes.

  • Single 3′ Andromeda MKII LED Tube Light Kit $398 USD
  • Single 4′ Andromeda MKII LED Tube Light Kit $488 USD
  • Four x 2′ Andromeda MKII LED Tube Light Kit $1,098 USD
  • Four x 4′ Andromeda MKII LED Tube Light Kit $1,488 USD

Above are the prices.

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