Children’s author Helena Duggan: ‘There are hidden LED lights in all the steps of the stairs in my house’ – The Times

September 17, 2022 by No Comments

The award-winning children’s writer Helena Duggan has just published her latest book,
The Light Thieves. It is the first in a series of three. Duggan’s first book, A Place Called Perfect, was published in 2017 and won awards including the Crimefest Children’s Book of the Year and was nominated in the Irish Book Awards. Two further works in that series, The Trouble with Perfect and The Battle for Perfect, were published in 2018 and 2019 respectively. The trilogy has sold more than 120,000 copies so far and is published in 13 languages. Duggan, who is also an illustrator, lives in Kilkenny with her husband, Robbie, and their two children, Jo Ellen, five, and Bobbie Rose, three.

Where did you grow up?
Just outside



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