Cobourg replacing downtown heritage street light fixtures with new LED street lights – The Peterborough Examiner

March 23, 2022 by No Comments

Cobourg is replacing its downtown heritage streetlight fixtures and poles with new poles and LED streetlights.

Cobourg is starting work on replacing its downtown heritage street light fixtures and poles.

This is a “multi-week project,” and will also be dependent some on weather, town staff recently noted.

“The project will involve full removal of the existing poles and street lights, replacing them with new poles and LED street lights,” explained staff.

Work was slated to start Monday, March 28.

It’s estimated the work will take six to eight weeks, but will also depend on weather. The contractor plans to replace about four to five poles and street lights per day, noted staff.

About six parking spaces may be occupied at a time during this work. Sidewalks will remain open.

Residents looking for more information on this project can contact Ferguson Utility, the contractor, at 905-372-1212, ext. 110, or Ted Sokay, with the town, at 905-372-9971.



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