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Heilind Electronics introduces TE’s ERNI MiniBridge and MaxiBridge connectors. These rugged solutions combine highly compact designs with high current carrying capacity, making them an ideal choice for automotive LED lighting systems.

TE’s ERNI MaxiBridge (2.54 mm pitch) and MiniBridge (1.27 mm pitch) cable connector families feature compact as well as electrically and mechanically sophisticated designs, such as those found in modern lighting technology.

The 2.54 mm pitch MaxiBridge wire-to-board connector system delivers up to 12A per contact and utilizes a dual latching configuration to meet USCAR/LV214 automotive vibration specifications. The system is extremely versatile and offers the option of straight or angled male or female connectors with 180° cable outlets. Furthermore, a robust interlocking mechanism provides superior vibration resistance. The connectors are also available with female crimp contacts and SMT PCB configurations. The MaxiBridge connector is available in four colors with unique coding/keying to ensure proper cable system integration.

Featuring an active latch, the single-row MiniBridge connector provides significantly higher mating integrity. It also offers a high current density, supporting up to 8A per conductor in a 1.27 mm pitch interface. MiniBridge connectors are able to withstand high temperatures up to 125°C and are available with 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 pins. The male connectors have SMT terminals, whereas female models are equipped with IDC terminals. Female configurations are also available with two types of interlocking methods for normal vibration/shock loads and high vibration/shock loads. This connector family offers a great deal of design flexibility, with options for straight or angled, male or female, or 90° or 180° cable outlets.

Because of their design flexibility, TE’s ERNI MaxiBridge and MiniBridge connectors are ideal for a variety of applications — including LCD/TFT/LED displays, handheld devices, industrial robotics, warehouse automation and control panel elements. The connectors are also used in automotive electronics in applications like LED front and rear headlamps, IR distance sensors, head-up displays, and switch elements.

Visit Heilind’s website for more information about TE’s ERNI MaxiBridge and MiniBridge Connectors.

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