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(Pocket-lint) – LED strip lights are essential for all modern smart homes. If you want to make your home come alive, you need LED strip lights that can respond to your mood and scenes. Whether you’re watching movies, hosting a party, or simply lounging in bed, the appropriate lighting can mirror your inner thoughts and feelings, making the outside a representation of your inside. SwitchBot, one of the world’s leading producers of IoT devices, has now designed the perfect strip lights to transform your home.

The SwitchBot Smart LED Strip Light is a smart home-enabled strip light that works with numerous smart home assistants, synchronizes with music, and has a range of 16 million colours. Whatever your mood might be, the SwitchBot strip light can make your home come alive with resplendent colours with a few simple voice commands. And if you act fast, you can also claim massive discounts on the SwitchBot Smart LED Strip Light with the code 15SBLIGHTBB.

Control your lights with voice commands

SwitchBot Smart LED Strip Light is compatible with numerous smart assistants, including Alexa, Google Home, Siri, SmartThings, IFTTT, and CLOVA. You can control the lights in different rooms, the level of brightness, the colours, and the scenes using a few simple voice commands. If you want to dim the lights in your living room, you can simply say, “Alexa, set the brightness of the living room strip light to 40%.” Or you can say, “Alexa, set the bedroom strip light to red.”

Synchronize the lights with your music

The SwitchBot Smart LED Strip Light works with other devices in the smart home ecosystem, including your TVs, bulbs, speakers, and other devices. You can synchronize the strip lights with your speakers to create unique scenes and light shows that represent the beats of the music. You can install the LED strip lights behind your TV sets, sofas, ceilings, stairways, and other areas and make them respond to your music — perfect for dynamic parties!

Curate interesting light settings and scenes

The SwitchBot Smart LED Strip Light offers a range of 16 million colours and shades. But you don’t have to worry about choice paralysis. The SwitchBot app comes with a wide range of scenes for different times, moods, and events. You can also create unique scenes using your favourite colour combinations. Depending on the time of the day, your mood, or other scenes, the lights will automatically change and transform. You can also create different scenes for different rooms.


Communicate with other SwitchBot products

The SwitchBot Smart LED Strip Light is even better with other SwitchBot products. If you pair the LED Strip Light with the SwitchBot Motion Sensor, you can ensure the lights automatically turn on whenever someone passes by in the dark. If you’re climbing the stairs at night, the lights on the stairway will automatically turn on to guide the way. You can also combine the lights with the SwitchBot Curtain to reduce the ambient light while watching movies.

Multiple control options – controller, app, voice, and remote

Voice controls are the most convenient means of controlling the strip lights. But you have numerous other choices. You can control the lights from the SwitchBot controller, smartphone app, or IR remote controller. Whether you prefer voice controls or physical controls, you have plenty of choices.

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