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Lighting is an essential element for tented events. It not only illuminates the area, but it also is key to creating a mood, a feeling and an overall energy in the room, rental operators, manufacturers and décor specialists say.

“Lighting has to be a huge emphasis for any tented event,” says Mike Tatum, owner, Majestic Tent & Event, Shreveport, La. “For one thing, without the proper lighting, my client’s pictures will be terrible.”

Many times, rental operators find that their bridal clients do not always know what lighting to ask for. “Customers have an idea what they want, but they don’t know how to achieve it. That is where I come in and say, ‘This is what you can do,’” Tatum says.

Cyndi Shifrel, CERP, CEO, Orlando Wedding & Party Rentals, Lake Mary, Fla., caters to both corporate and wedding planners and brides. “The planners know what they need and what they want, but a lot of the time the brides don’t even realize the need for lights until they start talking to us,” she says.

Just as in drapery, the hot trends for lighting are impacted in large part by Instagram and Pinterest.

Elwood Bakken, sales/marketing manager, Action Lighting, Bozeman, Mont., a lighting manufacturer and supplier, says the hot lighting options he sees his rental clients purchasing are the market — or what some call bistro or café — lighting with LED bulbs that have plastic covers, twinkle lights and wall lights.

“We use market, bistro and café interchangeably, but some make the distinction that market and bistro lighting have a 5-in. drop, whereas café lighting usually involves the socket that is way up on the wire,” he says.

Bakken says other lighting options have been gaining in popularity in recent years — neon lights that can be customized with the bride and groom’s names that hang behind the head table as well as free-standing, 48-in.-high letter lights that can be used as a prop for family photos.

“Many of these free-standing lights will have the word ‘LOVE’ lit up or another similar word,” he says.

Even disco balls are coming back. “We have 8-, 12- and 16-in. balls. We have white or RGB lights, which change colors. Both can be mounted by the ball. That retro look is coming back, particularly for weddings,” Bakken says.

Amanda Jones, CERP, owner, Tyler Tents and Events and Mirabella Décor, both in Tyler, Texas, has been offering “more café lighting than ever before,” she says, noting that she uses 1.5-in. round bulbs for her café lighting.

“Ours are on a wide string in a white or cream color. We use round bulbs because they look more like stars, which we use with our cleartop tents. Instead of doing draping on the ceiling, we are lining the entire ceiling with café or twinkle lights. For the guests, it looks like they are dining and dancing under the stars. That is very popular with weddings as well as corporate and charity galas,” she says.

Her café lights are LED and dimmable. “That is a huge selling point for us as it helps with the ambiance and power issues,” she says.

Kathy Newby, CERP, Northern California account executive, AFR Special Event Furniture Rentals, Hayward, Calif., says bistro, or market, lights “are still the most popular. They have been around for years and you can put them inside and outside the tent. They also …….



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