Crestron LED lights can sync smart home lighting with circadian rhythms –

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The Crestron LED light can dim your indoor lights to match your circadian rhythm. (Image source: Crestron)

Crestron, a brand specialising in smart home technology, is launching LED smart lights. You can set the bulbs to brighten and dim to match your circadian rhythm, or you can use the company’s SolarSync technology to adapt your lighting to fit the color temperature outdoors automatically.

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Crestron has unveiled lights that can brighten and dim in line with your circadian rhythm. The company, which specialises in high-end smart home technology, has launched a range of tunable LED downlights with this ability.

You can also use the Crestron LED light with a SolarSync Photosensor. Crestron’s SolarSync technology uses data recorded by the outdoor sensor to tune your indoor lights to mirror the color temperature of the light outside. Alongside the natural light matching automation, you can use these smart bulbs to personalise your lighting with hue, saturation, color and brightness settings.

The LED lights will be available in the US and Canada this summer, priced at approximately US$900 (~€796) per fixture. The different light fixtures on offer include wall wash, fixed frame and pinhole fixtures.

Crestron has also announced that it will be working with third parties so that other manufacturers can take advantage of its tunable light technology. This should mean that a wider variety of smart LED light fixtures will be available.

The ability to sync your lights with the natural daylight cycle is already available through Apple’s Adaptive Lighting feature for HomeKit-enabled bulbs, such as the Philips Hue smart bulb. However, Crestron’s adaptive lighting using an outdoor sensor is more unusual.

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