First broadband UV LED light source for analytical measurement instruments – International Environmental Technology

August 29, 2022 by No Comments

Heraeus Noblelight is pleased to announce the debut of FiberLight™ L3, the first broadband UV LED light source module for analytical measurement instruments. FiberLight™ L3 is the first light source module that combines the benefits of LED technology, such as long lifetime and low power consumption, with broadband UV spectral output. Broadband spectral output is desirable for optical analytical instruments because it provides the flexibility to perform both qualitative and quantitative analysis with one instrument. FiberLight™ L3 will find immediate application in instruments used for environmental monitoring such as air and water quality, soil monitoring, and protein purification. 

OEMs, such as those manufacturing UV-spectrophotometers, flash chromatography can integrate the FiberLight™ L3 more easily into their analytical instruments due to its small form factor and lower optical setup costs. As a result OEMs can develop new portable and handheld instruments more quickly and deliver their instruments to a broader range of customers. 

Find out more, visit Heraeus Noblelight at AQE 2022.



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