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Mood lighting – a modern-day essential?

For starters, lighting can drastically change the mood of a room. Enter a room washed in mellow warm lights and then the same room with big screaming fluorescent tubes, the difference is stark. Studies have also found that lighting affects people’s mood as people feel warm and relaxed when exposed to bright lights with hints of red hues and feel more focused and driven when exposed to bluer lights. Good lighting strikes a harmonious balance in the room, bringing together all the components that make up a stellar space. It creates cosy spots, enhances depth and height, and brings colour to the most impressive areas.

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In contemporary interior design, a combination of aesthetic and utility has taken centre stage effectively giving rise to good lighting. Gone are the days where tube lights sufficed. People are now looking at smart lighting that can give them a hassle-free experience by offering a range of options with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You can opt for smart bulbs that come with as many as 16 million colour options and can be adjusted according to your mood.

Gone are the days where tube lights sufficed. People are now looking at smart lighting that can give them a hassle-free experience.

Ceiling lights to the rescue

Well-thought out lighting is an easy way to create the best ambience at home and the most convenient way to do it is to get your ceiling lights right. When you plan to install ceiling lights in our homes, it is important to map out your requirements especially when you are looking at working, exercising and unwinding in the same room. Certain new range of ceiling lights help you control the ambience of your room as per your mood and requirement. A single product can help emulate the space of an office with bright white lights that help keep you more focused thereby setting the mood for a productive day. If you want something more low-key, the same product has warmer tones that can do the trick by exuding a relaxed vibe as you unwind from a hard day’s work.

If you want to stimulate natural light for your daily workout sessions, the same product can emulate natural tones of white light for a rejuvenating workout session or a soothing meditation session.

While the same room transitions as our work, exercise, and relaxation space, the ceiling lights in our homes should integrate good lighting with convenience without compromising on style. There are ceiling lights that can help with 3-in-1 interchangeable colours with just the switch of a button. These lights offer 3 different hues of white – ‘cool white’ (6500K), ‘warm white’ (3000K) and ‘natural white’ (4000K) to create the ideal setting of a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

Go for energy efficient, eco-friendly solutions

With the looming fear of a climate crisis, it is important that as consumers we make conscious energy consumption decisions. LED Lights are one of the most eco-friendly lighting options in comparison to the age-old tube lights. They have increased durability and do not dim with time. As the …….



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