Govee LED light strips are a great way to bring colorful ambiance to your patio or deck this summer – CNN Underscored

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Govee’s Wi-Fi Outdoor Strip Lights are bright and can be controlled via a feature-rich app packed with special effects and premade scenes to choose from. Since they are RGBIC strips, they can display multiple colors at one time so you can change your outdoor look from a warm glow to animated effects with just a tap on the phone screen. Plus, they’re weather-resistant (rated to IP65 against dust and moisture) and easy to mount with tough adhesive so they’re suitable for outdoor use.

The best outdoor LED light strips

If you’re looking to create a colorful ambiance for outdoor entertaining, Govee’s affordable Wi-Fi Outdoor Strip Lights are RGBIC, so they give you a huge range of color options, they’re weather-resistant and they’re easy to install and configure.

Each segment of the strip can display 15 different colors at the same time, and there are 16 million colors to choose from, so your creativity options are virtually limitless. The lights shine brightly and can be dimmed in the app. Sync the lights with your music (there’s a built-in mic), and they’ll dance along with everyone else at the pool party.

The lights are controlled over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth using Govee’s app, which is packed with colors to choose from, mood-specific scenes, special effects and lighting to match your music. Pair them with Alexa and Google Assistant to use your voice to control the lights. I enabled the Govee skill in the Alexa app and was able to turn my lights on and off, change color and ask for a specific scene using my voice, but for full functionality like setting a timer, we recommend using the app.

As entertaining as these are, there are some limitations to consider, mainly in installation. As with all other RGBIC strips (which have built-in chips that managed the multiple color display) they can’t be cut to fit, so you’ll have to work with full strips to fit your space rather than the other way around. The strip light kit is 32.8 feet in length, and after measuring my deck space, I only needed 28.5 feet of lighting. I wound up running the excess up a side wall instead. It also doesn’t do corners very well. Since it can’t be cut, it needs to be looped, so there is a spot left that isn’t taped down to the surface.

Govee includes clips with screws to place along the strip for extra security, and if I could drill holes in my deck, I would place those on the corners. The light strips have an IP65 waterproof rating (suitable for outdoor use), so the adhesive backing should hold them in place, …….



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