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The daily maintenance and operating work for LED lights come with several advantages, such as extending lifespan and saving costs. However, how do you conduct this in the right way? Let’s have a look.

Clear maintenance
When it comes to daily cleaning, you should take into account the following tips to ensure a long-term lifespan. Using a dry and clean towel helps protect the lighting board and allows a sleek cleanse. For the SF4000, the lights should be cleansed gently, to avoid damaging the diodes.

The SF 4000 series

Stable voltage
Is it true that running the light constantly helps to gain the highest output? No, it is not. Only, the suiting working voltage could allow a stable output and a longer lifespan for the light. A regular power will assist this if you’re not sure about the daily working light voltage. Within a stable voltage, the light drive itself will work in an effective condition, conducting the daily output normally and safely.

LED- SE 7000 (730 W) series

Routine inspection
Usually, you can ignore the daily light operations if it’s under normal working conditions, shining bright as usual. However, this may result in potential problems that you cannot tell through a simple glimpse.

Therefore, routine inspection is very important. That, however, doesn’t mean that the lights have to be checked all the time. Though, regular checking routines from time to time on the connections between the light and power supply, the working condition of the diodes and dimming functions. These actions don’t take much time and will result in better performance for the LEDs.

Grow room air cycle
Growing room temperate control is the most crucial part of a growing operation as it should allow proper air circulation for the plants. Lowering the temperature to a normal level is not only better for the crop, but also for the LEDs to prevent overheating.

Whereas for a smaller grow space, simple air circulation will definitely be necessary to ensure good airflow. In a large commercial growing area, an indoor temperature control system would be more applicable.

All in all, owning high-quality LED lights is a must. Then, following daily upkeep of the LEDs will help increase the lifespan of the product.

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