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WE’D love nothing more than for our living space to resemble something out of an interiors magazine.

But let’s be honest, 99.9 per cent of the time it looks like the shocking “before” photos in a home transformation reality show.


The interior designer’s video has racked up almost 250,000 “likes”Credit: TikTok / interiorbykrish


They took issue with LED strip lightsCredit: TikTok / interiorbykrish

Feel our pain? Then interiors expert Krish is here to help.

In a viral TikTok video that’s racked up almost 250,000 “likes”, the interior designer shared the six things they believe instantly cheapen your home.

To begin with, Krish advised against sticking LED strip lights on the ceiling if you want to create a luxurious-feeling room.

Next, they urged people to invest in larger pieces of artwork – insisting that smaller photos won’t properly fill your empty walls.

The third mistake Krish says they often see people making is leaving wires exposed underneath their TVs.

Luckily, the fourth error Krish highlighted is pretty easy to fix as the interior designer pointed out how much they dislike the look of creased bedsheets.

Finally, the designer revealed their fifth pet peeve is curtains that don’t brush the floor and “outdated” light fittings.

Unsurprisingly, their bold opinions sparked fierce debate in the comments.

One unimpressed viewer replied: “My house is clearly cheap but it’s loved and my happy place so I won’t be changing it.”

Another added: “Why thanks… I hold my head up high because we try our best!”

Meanwhile, a third wrote: “I pay for it and I choose cheap!”

“What’s important is that it’s your home and you are comfortable and happy there,” a fourth argued. “Who cares about curtain length?!”

“I finally got a perfect score on everything,” a fifth joked.


Creased bedsheets were another pet peeceCredit: TikTok / interiorbykrish


The expert urged people to tidy away their wiringCredit: TikTok / interiorbykrish


The expert believes curtains should brush the floorCredit: TikTok / interiorbykrish


Outdated light fixtures are another mistake they see people makingCredit: TikTok / interiorbykrish

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