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January 16, 2022 by No Comments

In recent years, LED technology has revolutionized the lighting industry as a whole. A wide range of different lighting retailers specializing in LED lighting have sprung up to meet this new demand, which has increased annually for the past decade. One of these retailers, Commercial LED Lights, has seen excellent growth in recent years with their range of new and innovative fixtures for the commercial and industrial markets.

One of their most recent changes to their manufacturer lineup has been the addition of Keystone Technologies, a company with a rich 75 year history offering premium lighting solutions to commercial and industrial customers. Thanks to their innovative engineering and top quality control processes, Keystones lighting fixtures are highly competitive and offer users an excellent value.

As part of this addition, has chosen to carry several Keystone lighting fixtures that are of particular interest to commercial and industrial customers. These include the new backlit LED panels, as well as their center basket troffer light fixtures for drop ceilings. Both of these fixtures are immensely popular for commercial office and retail lighting, thanks to their flexibility with existing office ceiling configurations, as well as their reduced energy consumption and improved light quality.

With a growing outdoor lighting marketplace, Commercial LED Lights have decided to add Keystones unique and adaptable flood lights to their lineup. These lights offer several features not seen on other flood lights today, namely the ability to change color temperature as well as offer different mounting options in one common fixture. This flexibility is a huge bonus to lighting contractors who stock large amounts of surplus inventory for use on jobs – giving them the option to stock one size of flood light usable for any project.

Commercial LED Lights has already had great success with one of their key suppliers, Straits Lighting, who have worked with them since the beginning. With the addition of Keystone Technologies, the online retailer looks to increase their growth with an even greater selection of products for their commercial and industrial customers who want to take advantage of the wide range of benefits LED technology has to offer.

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