20 Replies to “Just Put Super Glue on the Led Bulb and you will be amazed”

  1. David Flores says:

    I’m cheap… maybe the cheapest person I know, but…

  2. Why does the super glue smoke?

  3. Addy says:

    Better have some resistence in the graphite because the resistence of the led removed should be replaced or the current running through the remaining led’s wil increase and so will the temparature and if you’re lucky you wont have a fire starting. Tweak at your own risk!!

  4. Nickel2010 says:

    This proves graphene oxide can gain electricity like it is in the vaccine to gaine contact to the internet via WIFI 😵

  5. Greg Nold says:

    This is awesome, thanks for posting!! Everyone knows it’s next to impossible to find replacement LED bulbs these days. It’s totally worth doing. If you don’t have any superglue, just buy some… it’s usually found near the light bulb section of your favorite store.

  6. chris cost says:

    I wish YouTube still had the 👎

  7. Jax Sage says:

    And the point is?

  8. xConundrumx says:

    “Hi … we want to talk to you about your current fire insurance and how we feel we have to quadruple your insurance fee”

  9. Alan Charles says:

    Superb tip!!!If only for colouring the Sodium Bic its brilliant. The fact that it is conductive is beyond belief for one who’s soldering is more like welding!!

  10. Din Bee says:

    Or u can order replacement LEDs from the internet and replace the busted ones.

  11. S. E. C-R says:

    It’s easier to buy a new bulb…

  12. David Grub says:

    It seems like a solution looking for a problem….

  13. Very nice fix! Clear instructions!

  14. Tin foil would sort in 10 seconds

  15. John Clay says:

    Or buy a new bulb and spend the half hour with your kids

  16. soldering piece of wire is much easier

  17. Jeff Chapman says:

    Yeah, I’m just gonna buy another one.

  18. OM PRAKASH says:

    बहुत ही अच्छा आइडिया दिया है। धन्यवाद जी।

  19. Waltuh says:

    … or you could just get a new bulb? 🤷🏻

  20. S C says:

    *From other similar videos* – can use foil and tape instead.
    – lifespan is short, because the current flow through the other LEDs is increased.
    – better options noted are a diode, LED or resistor to match the current flow.
    – best option presented is to use 1 bulb as a parts donor, remove LEDs with soldering iron or heat gun, and use in later bulbs that fail, here 1 donor bulb with 15 LEDs could repair 14 other bulbs, mark the side to match (clockwise or counterclockwise) because you have to maintain polarity.

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