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Customers in retail markets expect a year-round supply of quality produce and flowers at market prices. But for you as a grower, fluctuating and increasing energy prices do not make life easier. Especially when it comes to light, you need to ensure the uniformity that’s most beneficial for your plants whatever the price might be at a given moment on a given day, writes Rene van Wees with Signify. In this blog he elaborates on lighting strategies to reduce energy costs.

Fortunately, I have good news for growers using Philips GreenPower LED lighting. You have a powerful new way to manage your crop growth and energy prices thanks to Signify’s dimming technology. You can now integrate our Philips GrowWise Control System into your climate control systems to dim your Philips GreenPower LED grow lights.

How to get more from your climate control?
Artificial light is a key determinant for the success of your crops. With the current climate control technology, there are more sensors than ever in your greenhouse. These give you more insights on a micro level, and the opportunity to steer your crop growth more precisely. So, for growth precision, it makes sense to adjust your light levels based on the increased insights provided by the sensors.

But there is another equally important reason to manage your light levels as precisely as possible.

Artificial light is one of the most energy-consuming elements in your greenhouse. With today’s high energy prices, growers are looking for ways to reduce costs without compromising quality.

So how can you get more out of your climate control investment? On the one hand, how can you achieve the optimum DLI (Daily Light Integral), the volume of light that is photosynthetically active, while on the other hand minimizing the energy costs of your light installation?

Uniform, reliable dimming with the GrowWise Control System
With the Philips GrowWise Control System from Signify, you can dim your lights reliably and easily via your climate control system. The GrowWise Control System can be connected to your climate computer to manage settings through one application, place, and system. So, there is no need to switch to other programs. You can adjust the light level of your LEDs as easily as you adjust the temperature, screens, and irrigation.

The GrowWise Control System lets you adjust the light intensity to the exact needs of your crop. When integrated with your climate computer, you can link to a daylight sensor and steer the DLI for your plants in a fully integrated way. You have full control over dimming and the amount of light, and insights and improvements here can make a big difference in your bottom line. You can address fluctuating energy prices by dimming your lights when prices are high and setting the lights to 100% when prices are down. You light your crop in a uniform way, manage your DLI and sell the produced electricity from your CHP back to the grid at the time of your choice.

Patented Coded Mains technology for uniform crop growth
The brains behind all this is the patented Philips Coded Mains technology. This robust system transmits a signal to each of the grow lights in your greenhouse to dim to the same light intensity. The signal is sent via the power cable and transports a command on the waves of the voltage. This eliminates the need for additional control cables that add …….

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