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Tribune News Service

Karnal, February 7

Two thousand LED lights are being installed on a stretch of the National Highway-44 heading from Gharaunda to Jalandhar by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) in order to make commuting safe for motorists.

“The foundation work has been completed. Almost all poles have been erected and the wiring process has also been initiated,” said an official.

The road heading from Gharaunda to Jalandhar is a busy stretch. Motorists often complain about darkness on the stretch during nights, making them vulnerable to gangs of highway robbers.

The authorities concerned claimed that the installation of LED lights would make commuting easier on the NH-44.

“The NHAI has started installing LED lights on both sides of the National Highway-44 heading from Gharaunda to Ambala at the cost of Rs45 crore. One LED light is being installed at a distance of 40 metres,” said Bhanu Pratap Singh, section engineer, NHAI, Ambala.

“In Gharaunda 30 LED lights while in Karnal city 800 lights are being installed from stretch heading from Madhuban and Baldi bypass. Fifty lights will be installed in Nilokheri, 500 in Kurukshetra city limits, 300 in Shahabad and 400 in the Ambala urban area limits on the NH-44,” he added.

“High-mast lights are being installed at the junctions, flyovers, T-points and chowks by the NHAI to ease the traffic movement during nights,” he said. “We are installing high-mast lights on every junction, which will help motorists drive safely,” he added.

He claimed that LED lights would also enhance beautification of the NH-44.

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