LED Lights: How to Make Sad Vibes

February 6, 2023 by 20 Comments

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20 Replies to “LED Lights: How to Make Sad Vibes”

  1. SkyKrye says:

    You either shitting sadly or shadly sitting

  2. Can we make custom colors with a 24button remote?

  3. How do you make that first clean color when you turn up the red and stuff

  4. TBone says:

    Or just hit the purple button….

  5. Chicxkonchi says:

    My blue up and down is broken so I ended up with red

  6. I dont think i have the right lights mine turned green-

  7. What kind of leds are those

  8. Find more gadgets in our channel

  9. Ethan:] says:

    My led lights don’t go that bright with custom

  10. Callmehnat says:

    What if you only have the R G B buttons which is red,green and blue

  11. Abdul Sabeeh says:

    Bro thought he did sum

  12. How you do this I have the same l.e.d s it don’t work

  13. Bro why doesnt my up work the brand i got it is tenmiro

  14. or you could just put purple

  15. How do y’all be changing the colors? I tried but mine starts at white and it never works. And my sister did it and said it should work and I just watch my sis put in another one and now I’m worried that she will take all of the diy spots

  16. How do u make no color

  17. How team did not work for me

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