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LED or Halogen lights? This might be a question that some of you may have already asked yourselves. 

Maybe it is because you are wondering which one is the cheaper option or the more energy-efficient option. Maybe it is because you have a new place and you are wondering which option fits it best. 

Whatever the case may be or you are simply curious about what the answer is, here is what you have to know about LED, Halogen lights, and what makes them different from one another. 

Halogen Lights

Cars.com defines Halogen lights as “incandescent lights that have a tungsten filament inside a bulb.” The filament heats up when the electric current passes it and this whole process generates light. 

However, it should be noted that Halogen lights are different from your typical incandescent light because it has halogen gas while regular incadescent light has argon gas. 

According to the website of FLOS USA, Halogen bulbs produce infrared light. They also last up to 2,000 hours, which is longer than regular incandescent lights.


Other the other hand, when it comes to LED, “an electric current passes through a semiconductor (or diode) to produce light that is brighter and generates less heat,” according to Cars.com. Because of the fact that they generate less heat, they last longer than other types of light.

FLOS USA says that LED bulbs can last up to 25,000 hours. Tubes last longer as they can last for twice as long as the bulbs. LED usually does not contain gases and chemicals that can be harmful. 

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So Which Between LED and Halogen is Better for You?

The answer to this question heavily depends on what you are after to begin with. 

Based on what we have already discussed in this article, LED lasts longer than Halogen lights. This makes it perfect for those who do not want to find themselves purchasing new bulbs more often than they are willing. 

If you are after which of the two is more cost-efficient, Halogen lights are cheaper than LED. However, you should also note that, while LED lights are more expensive when you purchase them, they are the more the energy-efficient option. This makes them friendlier to your electric bill. 

If you or anyone you are living with are not fond of bright white lights, Halogen lights are a better option as they tend to have a yellowish hue. On the flip side, LED lights do come in a variety of colors these days. 

Before you start picking one over the other, there is something that you should always remember. If you are purchasing lights for a lamp or other similar objects in your house, make sure to check the manual first so that you know which type is actually compatible with it. 

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