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January 13, 2023 by No Comments

In the last two years, smart lightstrips have become one of the top smart home essentials. If you are looking to add a few more smart LED lightstrips to your home, you’re in luck because today Lenovo is doing everything short of giving them away. Originally priced at $50, today you can bring home a Lenovo Smart LED Lightstrip for only $8– yes, you read that correctly, $8– saving you a whopping 84% or $42. If you have yet to take advantage of other smart light deals, such as Philips Hue deals, this is definitely not a deal you’ll want to miss.

Why You Should Buy the Lenovo Smart LED Lightstrip

Lenovo’s Smart LED Lightstrip gives you the opportunity to add a touch of color and set the mood in your room right from your remote, which exists in the form of an easy-to-navigate app on your phone. The lightstrip is 2 meters long and has the ability to adapt to a broad spectrum of colors. You have the option to program it turn on automatically at a specific time or dim, brighten, and change colors to complement your daily routine.

The beauty of Lenovo’s smart home essentials is that they are plug and play, easy to set up, and even easier to use. All of Lenovo’s smart home products can be controlled from the Lenovo Link Pro app. Even more exciting is that you can use your voice to control them via Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. No matter your mood, Lenovo’s Smart LED lightstrip is ready to adapt.

Smart ambient lighting is slowly becoming a must-have for every room of your home and has the ability to completely transform the look and feel of your space. If you’re ready to upgrade the ambiance of your house, today is the day to take advantage of one of the best deals we’ve seen to date on smart LED lightstrips from Lenovo. Right now you can save $42, which translates to a mind-blowing 84%, on Lenovo’s Smart LED Lightstrip, bringing the price down to only $8 from it’s original price of $50. This deal is nothing short of a no-brainer.

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