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A look inside the Phoenix nightclub in downtown Shreveport.

A look inside the Phoenix nightclub in downtown Shreveport on December 30, 2021.

Shreveport Times

It’s a brand new year and there are lots of fun things happening here in Shreveport. From nightclubs to HGTV, here’s everything you might have missed this week.

HGTV coming to Minden for a new show

This Spring HGTV will be headed to Minden as part of a new show where three prominent buildings will be flipped. Keep checking back in as we get closer to find out what spots are getting a makeover and when to catch it airing. 

The Phoenix nightclub rises from the ashes

Popular nightclub, Phoenix Underground, closed five years ago, but owner Tim Huck took a chance on a historic building with a lot of potential.

After working day and night over the course of four months, the Phoenix opened up just in time for New Year’s Eve. 

Food Finds: Doc’s Sandwich Shop 

This week we tried Doc’s Sandwich Shop and Deli on the first Food Finds of the new year. This shop is an extension of the beloved Lowder’s Baking Company to showcase their in-house baked bread. 

Get Married on the Bakowski Bridge of Lights 

The Texas Street Bridge is getting an upgrade in February with the “Bakowski Bridge of Lights”. Be a part of Shreveport history by getting married on the bridge on 02.22.22 at the debut of the brand new light installation. 

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