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LumaLanes Releases 12 Volt Battery for their Swim Pacer System

Over the last few years, LumaLanes has been creating and testing out new ideas. With their recent innovations, the system is now easier to set up and use giving you more time for workouts.

A major part of that innovation is their improved longer lasting 12-volt battery pack. The battery is compact measuring at 7″x 3.4″ x 1.8″ and includes the charger. This also means no cords or outlets are required on the pool deck. This battery will run two 25-meter LED strips for over three hours.

The charge-run time for a full battery charge is seven hours. Also, for those who are concerned about the life of the charge due to longer workout sets, the safe AC powered 12 DC volt supply is still available.

Using the android tablet that is included with your system or using your own smart phone or tablet (iPhone, iPad or Android) you control LED lights placed on the bottom of the pool. The lights guide the swimmers through a complete workout and provide immediate and effective feedback, freeing up the coach and swimmers to concentrate on technique and efficiency without the need to watch the clock — if the swimmers are staying with the lights, they are on pace. In addition, the LumaLanes system has been developed so that you can set up and run special “games” and “drills”:  flag-to-flag work, time-to-distance, breakouts, relay starts, tempo training and much more. The system is portable and available for any length pool, and for multiple lanes.

For a more in-depth overview of these products visit their website for more information or to request a quote on a full LumaLanes system.

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