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May 31—MASSENA — Massena village trustees have approved modifying the Massena Joint Recreation Commission’s budget to allow for the purchase and installation of new LED lights for Bushnell Field and security cameras for Alcoa Field.

The items were not originally included in the Recreation Commission’s 2021-22 budget.

“He has listed these accounts of where he would like to move the money from within his budget to cover that,” Treasurer Kevin M. Felt said.

Modifications totaling $86,488 were made to 10 line items in the department’s budget — arena equipment, Alcoa Field equipment, general equipment, general contractual, contingency, arena contractual, Alcoa Field summer personal services, town beach lifeguard personal services, town beach gate personal services and general playground personal services

The money would come out of a joint budget approved by both the town and village.

Recreation Director Michael P. McCabe said one of the light poles at Bushnell Field had been damaged by the wind, and this was an opportunity to replace the current lighting with more efficient LED lights. He said replacement of the damaged pole with the old style lights would be about $19,000.

“So, what we’re looking at here is replacing all of the lights with LED in which we potentially would be getting support from Massena Electric to help cover the cost. That is basically our cost, not the actual cost of the entire light system,” he said.

He said insurance would cover the damage to $25,000.

“What we’re looking to do there is greater than the damage that was done. Our damage was only $19,000, but it was older damage. So what we would be looking to do here is we’re moving from a few different line items where it looks like we would have some additional funding left over,” Mr. McCabe said.

He said some of the line items apply to last summer’s paid services. There was also money remaining in the general playground line items because some employees took time off and there was nobody to replace them.

“So, we’re not talking any significant change in operations by making these choices,” Deputy Mayor Matthew J. LeBire said.



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