Maxhub lights up services at Tulsa church with LED wall displays – Digital Signage Today

May 20, 2022 by No Comments

As part of a facility upgrade geared to increase the overall effectiveness of its main worship sanctuary, Guts Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma recently purchased two Maxhub LM220A07 220-inch diagonal integrated LED wall displays, according to a company press release.

Tulsa-based TES Productions, which in addition to being a live event production company also operates a design/build AV integration business that serves the commercial, education, worship and other markets throughout Northeastern Oklahoma, was contracted to deploy the Maxhub displays at Guts Church.

“The main auditorium at Guts Church has roughly 1,000 seats built into an old warehouse space complete with concrete floors and exposed ceiling structure,” Alex Forrest, sales engineer, TES Productions, said in the release “They use a 60-foot wide video wall behind their stage for graphics and lyrics while image magnification from the church’s 4-camera video system and other video content is pushed to the Maxhub screens positioned on the left and right sides of the stage — bordering the outside edges of the stage area. We deployed the two Maxhub displays in early March, and they were placed into service right away.”

With the Maxhub displays now operational, Zach Blake, technical director at Guts Church, said the displays should help the church with broadcast services and other live events.

“We needed a long-term solution for our side wall displays in our main sanctuary. The projectors we had just weren’t cutting it, so we had the two Maxhub LM220A07 walls installed to address the situation,” Blake said in the release. “Now that they are operational, I have been blown away by the clarity, definition and overall aesthetic that these walls provide. They make services much more engaging. Everyone has been very impressed.”



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