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The Nanlite Forza 60C is a full-color LED spotlight with an RGBLAC six-color system that is compact, lightweight, and affordably priced at $699 USD.

Nanlite has an all-new structural design for Forza 60C. The Lamp head weighs 1.08KG but provides high output levels when paired with its included reflector. Nanlite states the output with the reflector is 12,810 Lux from 1-Meter. The degree of the reflector was not provided. They also state the illuminance output between different colors has been eliminated through scientific calibration of the power of each LED bead. This is a good feature as changing colors and dealing with possibly lower output swings make setting constant exposure more difficult.

The power draw of the Forza 60C was not stated in the specifications, so I’ll assume it’s 60W which are similar to the Forza 60 fixture.

Forza 60C Key features

  • RGBLAC six-color system adding Lime/Amber/Cyan LED beads with RG
  • Lightweight lamp head weighs just 1.08KG with claimed illuminance up to (12,810 [email protected])
  • Calibrated distribution of power for each LED bead without illuminance discrepancy in colors
  • Ultra-wide CCT range of 1,800K-20,000K and ±100 G/M adjustment.
  • Claimed color rendition, CRI/TLCI score of average 96/95 and TM-30 Rf average 94 / Rg average 100
  • FM mount with option to integrate into the Bowens mount ecosystem
  • Professional options of HSI / RGBW / XY modes for color calibration
  • AC & DC power options with a battery grip for on-the-go shooting
  • An intelligent fan that automatically adjusts according to ambient temperature
  • Multiple control methods, including onboard, 2.4G, NANLINK APP, and DMX/RDM controls
  • Firmware upgradeable via the USB-A port on the fixture body

RGBLAC six-color system

Forza 60C adopts an RGBLAC six-color system. The technology integrates additional LEDs of Lime/Amber/Cyan into the traditional RGB light source. RGBLAC is also available in the ARRI Orbiter and Prolycht Orion.

Nanlite states the light has an average CRI/TLCI score of 96/95 and TM-30 Rf average of 95/ Rg average of 100. It has an ultra-wide CCT range of 1800K-20000K with ±100 G/M adjustment.

A newly developed hardware & software platform built specifically for working with RGBLAC lights means Forza 60C offers professional options of HSI / RGBW / XY modes for color calibration. On-board and 2.4G cover the general functions, as well as APP and DMX/RDM controls.

FM mount and L-shaped Yoke

Forza 60C uses the Nanlite FM Mount and includes a Bowens adapter for compatible accessories offering a wide variety of modifiers. This gives the user a lot of options between hard and soft lighting. If you already have a Forza 60 fixture all the accessories designed for it are also compatible.

The L-shaped yoke of Forza 60C can connect with a battery grip to break free from cables. Lighting the
scene with minimal setup becomes an easy job under most circumstances. There will be no sacrifice in
output when powered by battery, meeting all the expectations for on-the-move lighting

Keeping it Cool

An intelligent fan adjusts the speed according to ambient temperatures. The fan will automatically shift to high-speed mode in high-temperature environments.

The Nanlite Forza 60C retails for $699 USD

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