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May 6, 2022 by No Comments

Atlanta, GA, May 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Revolution Micro is back with another revolutionary new product. The Avici V series, a low profile, programmable spectrum, fully waterproof LED line, has been upgraded to constant current drive. This upgrade has provided several advantages, creating a product thats both more reliable and less expensive. 

With a constant current power supply, all the lights are attached to a central power supply and controller. The lights no longer need their own electronics to receive and interpret commands from the controller, removing possible points of failure, and despite the 150,000 hour rated life of the Avici, three times industry standard, the light is designed to self-regulate should diodes fail. If a diode goes out, the ones around it automatically raise their power levels, maintaining constant brightness and reliable yields without the fixture needing to be replaced. Because the fixtures are under-driven, the diodes easily handle the extra power and still maintain the low temperature that makes the lights so reliable and efficient. This keeps a cultivation room at ideal brightness for far longer than non-constant current systems. 

These systems are also less expensive, with a far lower cost per watt than competitive designs. Each light now has fewer parts, no longer needing its own electronics, and the wires are far smaller. The lights can be daisy chained together regardless of fixture type, making them easier to install and repair. Overall, the Avici Block II is making cultivation more reliable and affordable. 

The Avici V Series Block II is officially available for purchase direct from Revolution Microelectronics. 

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