PlayStation VR review: Is Sony’s virtual reality headset still worth it? – CNN Underscored

June 10, 2022 by No Comments

Compatible with the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, the PlayStation VR is still the premiere VR headset for console gamers that packs an impressive library of high profile first-party titles as well as great third-party releases. Initially launching for $399 back in 2016, the PSVR is currently available in a bundle that includes the head itself, dual Move controllers, a PS Camera and Marvel’s Iron Man game that goes for anywhere from $249 to $399 depending on sales.

Until more information on the upcoming PlayStation VR 2 is eventually announced, we look into whether it’s worth it to purchase a PSVR. Here are our thoughts after spending a handful of years with Sony’s VR headset.

The PSVR is an exceptional VR headset for PlayStation 4 or 5 owners already invested in Sony’s gaming ecosystem. However, potential buyers may be better off waiting to see what the PSVR2 has to offer.

Thoughtful headset and controller design

Ural Garrett

Visually, the PS4 was the clear design inspiration for the PSVR. There’s a sleek rounded design that goes well with its black and white colorway. The visual aesthetic of the headset really looks wonderful once the LED sensor lights up. Once in operation, the PSVR provides a cool light show between the headset and Move Controller LEDs — especially if people watch while someone is playing in the dark.

Compared to other VR devices from Meta, HTC and HP, the PSVR is one of the most comfortable for a handful of reasons. First, it’s only .2 pounds heavier than the Meta Quest 2 while feeling just as light during operation. There’s a good balance of weight all around that makes it easy to freely move your head. Instead of using a strap-like most VR headsets, the PSVR features a circular band that sits on top of the head.

This allows users to push and pull the headset toward or away from their face by holding a button on top of the faceplate while tightening it with a dial on the band’s rear. The cushions on both the forehead and behind the head are comfortable. However, prolonged usage over the years has led to a bit of decay on the cushions on my unit.

On the band is a 3.5mm headset jack with cutouts to hold the included earbuds in place. It’s a nice touch that keeps the design uniform and prevents your headphones from dangling or getting in the way during gaming. Audiophiles looking for richer audio can also plug in …….



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