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May 5, 2022 by No Comments

Wanting to waste no time outfitting her new strawberry greenhouse with the most advanced technology, Magalie Rajotte, owner of Les Serres de la Vallière in Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec, has invested in Sollum Technologies’ smart LED grow light solution.

“Strawberries are very rewarding crops to grow, but they also offer a suite of unique challenges,” says Magalie Rajotte. “I wanted to make sure that my greenhouse had every possible advantage from the beginning, and for me, that means investing in precision technology like Sollum’s smart LED lighting solution.” In addition to optimizing her greenhouse production, Rajotte sees choosing new technology solutions as a way of benefiting from exciting opportunities in the future. With Sollum’s adaptable dynamic LED lights, it is easy to try out new varieties and growing strategies and scale up as a business evolves.

“We are ecstatic to be the first choice of growers starting new business ventures,” says Kassim Tremblay, vice president of Business Development at Sollum Technologies. “Greenhouse operators want to invest in lasting technology that meets their needs well into the future, regardless of how their business changes over time. Our unique solution allows them to do just that.”

Les Serres de la Vallière joins a rapidly growing list of diverse producers across Canada and internationally who have chosen Sollum’s dynamic LED technology to light their crops, including tomatoes, peppers, citrus, flowers, strawberries, and more.

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Source: https://www.hortidaily.com/article/9424033/quebec-grower-invests-in-new-led-grow-lights/


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