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Current invites growers to learn about never-before-possible methods for smarter farming and faster growth at Cultivate’22—the premier event for the entire green industry. Representing a new era in LED lighting for controlled environment agriculture, Current’s reenergized Arize brand will showcase all-new ways for growers to increase yields without compromising quality in booth #2421.

At Cultivate’22, attendees can discover the latest Arize solutions for brightening the life of plants, growers, and the planet, including:

  • The Arize Element L2000 enables efficient growth at an industrial scale. This high output (up to 3600 µmol/s) LED top light is a true 1000W HPS replacement that can reduce fixture count by 20% or increase light density when retrofitting spaces or building new. Assembled with pride in Hendersonville, North Carolina, the L2000 is one of the most efficient grow lights in its class, spread uniform light even wider using next-gen optics and gives growers a wide variety of spectrum options, ranging from broad to narrow band. As a powerful, precise, reliable solution for growers with bigger goals, the L2000 can help ensure predictable yields for years to come and is backed by a five-year system warranty.
  • The Arize Integral intra-canopy light offers best-in-class output (346 µmol/s) and efficacy (3.5 µmol/J). Integral is designed to help growers maximize yields of high-wire crops through the more strategic deployment of light that penetrates deep within the plant canopy. In combination with the Arize Element L1000 top light, Integral disperses a tailored light spectrum across a wide angle, immersing lower leaves on both sides of the fixture. A study conducted with Wageningen University & Research revealed a 14% increase in tomato yields, with no impact on quality or taste, when supplementing top lighting with Integral vs. 100% top lighting on its own.

“We combine plant science with lighting innovation to help produce optimal growing conditions that are better for our customers’ specific needs,” said Bruno D’Amico, Global Product Manager for Horticulture Lighting at Current. “We want to inspire growers to achieve their best using the best-LED solutions formed from collaboration with companies, researchers, and photobiologists.”

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Arize arrives at Cultivate’22 with a new brand look characterized by the same devotion to producing excellence that drives growers to reach their goals. With a refreshed color palette and visual foundation inspired by nature, Arize represents the proliferation of tangible, modular, scalable lighting solutions that bring more profits and peace of mind to growers.

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GE Current, a Daintree company


Source: https://www.hortidaily.com/article/9446189/rise-above-ordinary-led-lighting-at-cultivate-22-with-arize-from-current/


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