Save Big on Govee Smart Lighting During This One-Day Sale – Review Geek

March 22, 2022 by No Comments


Our favorite low-cost smart lighting brand is back with a killer sale. Now’s your chance to save up to 30% on Govee smart lighting products, including the company’s popular smart strip lights. This sale ends on March 22nd at 3 AM ET (12 AM PT), so don’t wait!

Here’s everything available during Govee’s one-day sale:

I strongly suggest going for Govee’s smart strip lights, which are a killer deal even at full price. Not only do they feature robust app and voice controls, but you can customize them to show gradients of different colored light (or even pre-made animations).

Additionally, these Govee strip lights feature a diffusion layer to keep the light soft and even. Most strip lights don’t offer any diffusion at this price, which makes them look like weird little dots.

And if you’re trying to illuminate the outside of your home, Govee’s smart flood lights are a solid option. They can sit on the ground or mount to the wall, and they feature customizable colors, scheduling controls, and voice controls with Alexa or Google Assistant.



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