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SmallRig has announced 4 new COB LED Lights that utilize the company’s ‘AstralTech‘ Optical System. The lights join the already-announced RC 220 and RC 120 fixtures in the range.

The ‘AstralTech‘ Optical System is claimed to provide over 35% greater output than comparable competitors. It does this by using larger, higher-power LED chips, a custom-made high transmission (97%) multi-coated front glass element, and a COB bead design arrangement that provides even color mixing. The new shape is inspired by air vehicles, and the housing is made of metal + V-0 fire retardant material.

The lights are available in two different models and you can choose between either Bi-color or daylight versions. The models available are the RC 450D/RC 450B and the RC 350D/RC 350B.

The B-series (Bi-Color) offer color temperature control from 2,700K-6,500K, and the D-series (Daylight) is a 5,600K only fixture.

The “AstralTech” Optical System combines larger, higher power LED chips, custom made high transmission (97%) multi-coated front glass and a COB bead design arrangement that provides even color mixing. The new shape is inspired from air vehicle, the housing is made of metal + V-0 fire retardant material, more exquisite and durable.

How much do they output?

SmallRig claims that at 1m / 3.3ft with a 55° hyper reflector, the RC-350B/RC-450B video lights produce 115,000/121,000 Lux. With a 55-degree hyper reflector, the RC 350D emits 149,000 Lux at 1m / 3.3ft, while the RC 450D produces 172,000 Lux.


There are three ways to control the lights. You can use on-board controls with a full featured LCD display. You can also wirelessly control the fixtures up to 100m / 328ft away (2.4GHz) with the SmallGoGo app, or use the optional Control Panel.

How does it deal with heat?

According to SmallRig, the lights utilize quiet, intelligent temperature control and cooling fans to improve heat dissipation. The lights are claimed to produce only 28~32dB of noise, but SmallRig doesn’t list at what distance that was measured.


The AC adapter (110~220VAC) is said to feature state-of-the-art GaN (Gallium Nitride) material, with power conversion reaching over 95% efficiency. The adapter volume is reduced by 26% and the weight is reduced by about 200g / 7oz.

Other features

The design of the mounting bracket is claimed to prevent the head from tilting when loosened, avoiding damage.

Price & Availability

The prices for the various lights are as follows:


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