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SmallRig has recently introduced two new COB LED lights, the RC 220D (daylight) and RC 220B (bi-color). They feature a higher output compared to the existing RC120 models, TLCI 96+ and CRI 95+ ratings, Bowens mount, dual power system, and smartphone app compatibility. They are now available for purchase starting at $329.

As the name suggests, SmallRig is well-known for producing affordable camera cages and rigging accessories. Nonetheless, back in February the Chinese company took its first big step into the crowded COB LED market by introducing their RC120D and RC120B fixtures.

Now the brand is back with another lighting product launch. The recently-released SmallRig RC 220D and RC 220B share almost the same design and set of features of the RC120 series, but are here to offer a brighter output. Let’s take a closer look.

SmallRig RC 220D and RC 220B: overview

The new SmallRig RC 220D and RC 220B are two point-source COB LED fixtures. The RC 220D is a daylight-only model, while the color temperature of the RC 220B varies between 2,700 and 6,500K. Both products allow for step-less dimming adjustments.

SmallRig RC 220B. Source: SmallRig

When it comes to brightness, these new models outperform their RC120 predecessors and even the Aputure Amaran 200D/200X fixtures. According to SmallRig, the RC 220D and RC 220B can output up to 98,700lux and 84,500lux respectively at a distance of 1 meter when using the included hyper-reflector. This brighter output requires a power consumption of up to 260W as well as an active cooling system (fan noise level: 30dB at 1m/3.3ft.).

SmallRig RC 220D. Source: SmallRig

The color accuracy of the new RC 220 series should be consistent with that of the RC120 fixtures. In fact, SmallRig claims that both the daylight and bi-color RC 220 models achieve TLCI 96+ and CRI 95+ ratings. Moreover, 9 built-in presets allow users to create a variety of lighting effects.

Compatibility with Bowens mount accessories

The SmallRig RC 220 fixtures feature an industry-standard Bowens mount that makes them compatible with a large number of proprietary and third-party light modifiers. The company recently introduced their own series of Bowens accessories, including parabolic, rectangular, and lantern-style softboxes.

SmallRig RC 220B. Source: SmallRig

Design, power, and control

The RC 220 lights feature a PC/aluminum construction that helps keep weight down to a minimum (2.85kg/6.28lbs). However, this probably comes at the expense of sturdiness. The lamp head is supported by a titling bracket with an operating excursion of 270°.

The dual power supply system allows users to choose between DC input and 14,4/26V V-mount batteries to fire up these lights. The included six-meter power cord is long enough to rig the lamp head to high ceilings or C-stands. Furthermore, SmallRig offers a dedicated V-mount battery plate that is available for purchase separately.

SmallRig RC 220B. Source: SmallRig

The lights can be controlled in two different ways: using the on-board controls on the back of each unit or via the SmallGoGo app (compatible with both iOS and Android). According to the manufacturer, the second method enables remote control of the fixtures up to a distance of 100m/328ft.

Price and availability

Both lights are now available for purchase from B&H (RC 220D/RC 220B) and CVP (RC 220D/RC 220B). The official retail …….



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