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July 6, 2022 by No Comments

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Jacob Krol/SI Showcase

In the world of TVs, mini LEDs aren’t really new, but Sony is just starting to use them. I’ve spent the past few weeks with one of the first mini LED models from Sony, the X95K.

It’s been pretty reliable and delivers vibrant images in a sleek design that doesn’t distract the watcher, along with an intuitive Google TV interface. Sony’s X95K starts at $2,798 for a 65-inch model and scales to $3,498 for 75-inches and $5,498 for 85-inches. Like other Bravia TVs — OLED and LED — Sony is still playing in the premium market.

So does Sony’s first mini LED TV rise to the premium level? Let’s break out the popcorn and unpack it.

What’s a Mini LED TV?

Chances are you’re familiar with an LED TV — a panel of LED lights that pass through filters and other layers to create an image. Mini LEDs are smaller lights; thanks to the size reduction, more of them can fit in the same spot. This allows for more precise control over creating an image. 

What Sony has done with the 4K X-Series (starting with the X95K in 65-, 75-, and 85-inch models) is pack more miniature LEDs into the TV to create a more immersive experience. Like a standard LED TV or even an OLED, it’s controlled by a processor which follows directions packaged alongside content and even upscales the content to make it look sharper. 

Another key advantage is that the TV itself can get a lot brighter with more backlighting. Therefore, a mini LED TV like the X95K is better suited for a room that gets brighter

Vibrant, Rich Visuals

Jacob Krol/SI Showcase

Sony’s X95K is mostly an absolute delight to watch — whether it’s the blockbuster “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” cable news or even the latest episode of Below Deck streaming through Peacock. The X95K delivers plenty of brightness, making for a vibrant, colorful image that can really pop.


  • When you’re head-on watching content, the visuals are crisp and detailed, with an appropriate amount of pop that doesn’t interfere with how the content is designed to look. It’s also evident from the first watch that the X95K can turn the brightness quite high. That makes it an ideal option for rooms with a lot …….



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