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It’s no secret that for the Phifer family, Christmas is the holiday to celebrate.

Bobby Phifer and his family have been decorating their double-house display in western Henrico for 47 years now, for what they call, “A Phifer Christmas” at 9604 and 9606 Asbury Court. But this year, Phifer says a portion of their 1.5 million light collection and equipment was stolen last week.

Phifer says things getting stolen from your front yard is not too unusual for a Christmas decorator, but it’s uncharacteristic of the neighborhood he lives in — the neighborhood he grew up in.

“I know stuff gets stolen out of the yard on Christmas, it happens every year. It’s just part of it, it is what it is,” Phifer told the Times-Dispatch. “But this is not the neighborhood. This is completely off the wall.”

Phifer said over $900 worth of LED Christmas lights were stolen from under the carport, lights he had just paid for as part of a new display for the upcoming holiday season. A few power tools, a box containing pet food and a couple of boxes of clothes were also gone.

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Phifer said those LED lights were essential for reducing the strain on their power supply since the family intends to sell one of the two homes on Asbury Court — his mother Rose Phifer’s house at 9606 Asbury Court. She died in 2017 and the Phifers can no longer afford to keep it.

Phifer says this year’s display won’t have the same amount of power, but the same amount of heart.

“We’ll be losing a lot of power,” Phifer said. “But we’re still going to decorate, you know. I mean it’s a hobby for me. Some people work on cars, some people build models, my hobby is Christmas.”

Phifer’s daughter, Katelyn, launched a GoFundMe to help her dad recover over $1,500 worth of the supplies that were stolen. On the GoFundMe page, she wrote, “I’m trying to raise this money for my dad so we can save Christmas… once again.”

The GoFundMe has already reached $1,295 out of its $1,500 goal as of this writing.  Phifer said he had no idea his daughter created the crowd fund.

Despite the setback, Phifer is still determined to put on a show this year.

“We’re gonna still do the best we can what we got,” Phifer said. “Like I said, I’ve been doing this for 47 years and it is what it is. You just got to suck it up and deal with it.”

Phifer said he’s contacted Henrico Police about what was stolen and a police report has been filed. Regardless, Phifer said, “A Phifer Christmas” will still go on this year.

9606 & 9604 Asbury Court

9606 & 9604 Asbury Court (2016)

9606 Asbury Court

The doll room at 9606 Asbury Court (2016)

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