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“Holland Solutions Limited provides horticultural LED solutions for sole source and greenhouse applications as well as simple light control options and grow table solutions with our Horti line integrated into the designs,” says Rob Scheffers, founder and chief executive officer of Holland Solutions Limited.

Based in Wellington, New Zealand, Holland Solutions Limited is a small horticultural lighting company that is committed to working with growers to provide the optimum horticultural lighting in any situation. The company’s product catalog is based on its Horti LED line of tubular LED systems ranging from 60 to 240 cm in length. The lights are available in seven different spectra. Holland Solutions Limited also provides a modular flood light fixture with several control options ranging from simple ON/OFF to dimming, EoP or fully dynamic control.

“With our modular approach in our Horti. LED tubular and floodlight systems, we can provide a tailored solution and control modules individually to provide an instant dynamic light solution. Our lights are easy to install and can be controlled by a simple 24hr clock, smart plugs, third-party controllers, or Bluetooth systems,” explains Rob.

Further, Rob explains the benefit of the Horti. LED line of lighting solutions lies in its simplicity of hardware and installation while maintaining a wide range of control and flexibility. Designed for horticultural applications, the lights are made to withstand high temperatures and humidity.

Wanted: partnerships across the industry
Holland Solutions Limited is collaborating with educational institutions in New Zealand to provide Horti. LED flood and tubular lights and support research into plant responses to light intensity and quality in sole-source and greenhouse settings. The company is also working with a large commercial indoor farm on several projects, as well as with smaller farms producing microgreens and leafy greens.

Holland Solutions Limited is currently looking for industry partners such as growers, investors, and companies with whom the company can collaborate to broaden its horizons and access different markets.

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Wellington, New Zealand


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