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Key Points

  • The best overall LED lights for growing that save energy are GHodec Grow Lights for Indoor Plants.
  • Check out flexible gooseneck, clamp LED lights, LED light strips, and even a grow lamp that most closely imitates the solar spectrum.
  • Consider the wavelength and spectrum, coverage area, style, and extra features before you decide on the best LED lights for growing your plants!

You already know when your house plants need water, and you keep an eye on the temperature, ventilation, and humidity levels. However, it may just be that no matter how many windows you have, you’re just not getting the perfect amount of light during certain months. It could also be that you have placed your plants in an environment that requires a little bit of help with light. Whatever the reason, it’s important to invest in LED grow lights that also help you save energy.

You want a happy household and that includes having happy plants and an electric bill that doesn’t make you want to rip it up, ball it up, and throw it into your trash bin! The good news is you have a couple of different options. Below, we highlight some of our top picks for LED lights that help you grow your plants and help you save energy. We present different styles at different price points to give you a selection you can work with.

Top Picks: The Best LED Lights for Growing that Save Energy

#1 Best Overall: GHodec Grow Light for Indoor Plants,6000K 126LED Clip Plant Lights with Flexible Gooseneck

Best Overall

The best overall LED lights for growing that save energy are GHodec Grow Lights for Indoor Plants. These LED lights are available in 75 watts or 150 watts. the 75-watt option is equipped with 5 red and 37 sunlight-white LEDs. This is in each one of the bars and there are three bars total. They’re flicker-free and deliver a soft light that isn’t just great for your plants, but also provides you with a nice reading light in the evenings after the sun has set.

There are three timing options for lighting throughout the day and there is an automatic on-and-off feature, so you don’t have to manually operate them. Each LED bar functions separately so you can turn one on and keep two off or turn two off and keep one on. These are also equipped with an anti-slip clamp and a 360-degree adjustable gooseneck. You can place it in any direction as needed. The estimated monthly cost for this lamp is about $2 when you use it for eight hours a day. It’s appropriate for use in dark rooms, offices, greenhouses, and even balconies.

What Buyers Say

Customers rate these LED lights 4.5 out of five stars. One customer needed to supplement light from a basement window and has been using these lights for about two months. They’ve proven extremely effective. The plants that needed the extra support are back to thriving and flowering after suffering quite a bit in the basement. He loves the internal timer and appreciates the reliability they offer. Another customer mentions how much she appreciates the flexible arms. The clamps are great because they’re firm and you can affix them to a table’s edge or even a shelf. She says they give off a really nice glow …….



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