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Whether you want to add ambiance to your home or just illuminate a low-light area, LED strip lights are a quick and convenient way to do it. The best LED strip lights can be customized to fit your desired space, give you a range of color and lighting options, and are easy to control with remotes or voice commands. Some even have motion sensors or smart functionality that allows you to connect them to an Alexa or Google Home assistant. Here’s a closer look at some of the features you’ll want to consider as you’re shopping for LED strip lights.

First off, installation: LED strip lights have a flexible, tape-like design, with an adhesive backing for easy mounting. Having the option to trim your light strip provides added versatility, since you can customize it to fit your space, but you’ll want to confirm that your pick allows for this. While LED strips in general are great for highlighting baseboards, under-cabinet areas, and bookcases, certain options are designed for specific purposes. A TV backlighting kit, for example, will plug directly into your television’s USB port, doing away with any extra, unnecessary wires, while water- and temperature-resistant LED strip lights can be safely used outdoors.

As far as features go, most flexible LED strip lights come with a remote control that allows you to customize settings. If putting on a color show is your top priority, look for an RGB color channel, in which the three primary colors of red, green, and blue combine to produce a broad spectrum of 16 million color choices. And depending on how interactive you want your lighting to be, you can find LED strips that create various lighting patterns, like fading, flashing, or jumping. You can also opt for motion-sensor strip lights that activate when they detect activity, or smart strip lights that can be set on schedules or operated with voice commands via your smart home assistant.

With these features in mind, here are the best LED strip lights that will brighten up your home.

1. The overall best LED strip lights

  • Total length: 65.6 feet (four 16.4-foot strips)
  • Ratings: 4.6-star overall rating, 55,000+ ratings in total

A versatile and cost-effective pick, this LED strip light system includes four rolls measuring 16.4 feet each, which can be cut across every third LED for a customizable fit. The lights come with an array of connectors that allow you to link the four strips together for more length, whether you’re backlighting a bookcase, illuminating cabinets, or creating a vibrant perimeter. The included 44-key remote lets you seamlessly switch between 16 million RGB colors, various brightness settings, and eight light patterns, like jump, fade, and flash. The adhesive backing makes installation easy, and several adhesive hooks provide additional support at corners and long stretches.

Helpful review: “These LED lights are a perfect way to upgrade a room!! The lights are thin and low profile and the adhesive makes it easy to peel and stick to surfaces. The different color light options are great and the brightness works well to set the ambiance for anyone’s preference.”

2. The best LED strip lights for TVs

  • Total length: 6.56 feet (also available in 14.3 feet)
  • Ratings: 4.5-star overall rating, 38,000+ ratings in total

If you want to add backlighting to a TV or soundbar, this LED strip light kit comes in two sizes that provide …….



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